Figure 1. Jeronim with his 1070TI GPU, that has fans from aliexpress that don't really fit so he has to reapply the duct tape every now and then.

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Hello there, I am Jeronim Matijević

I’m a Graduate student at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing. Currently enrolled in the Computer Science MSc programme, advised by Sven Lončarić. Passionate about neural networks for all purposes.

The reason why I created this website is because all the projects listed in my CV were bloating it too much, and I felt that people would skip over it without reading anything. + ngl i always wanted to have a tumblr so i guess this is something like it

Generally I find models bridging the gap between natural language processing and computer vision fascinating. I’m thrilled to see what we will do with CLIP embeddings in the future.

Fields of interest

My projects

I have divided my projects into ones i have done during for my education and ones i have done in my free time + things i want to research

  1. Some of my still unfinished research

  2. Deep learning hobby projects.

  3. Short overview of my Deep Learning university projects.

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